Finally a workshop which works!!!!
The Leadership Accelerator Workshop©

Workshop specifics:

Imagine a 2 to 3 days leaders/managers workshop designed for managers in Africa

  • Your managers are confronted with their weaknesses and strengths in their way of managing
  • Exchange between the participants, daily (true) issues of implementing change in their departments
  • No burdening theories but real daily life exercises on how to delegate tasks and not responsibilities
  • Inspirational examples exchange but also firsthand knowledge creation
  • They will realize and support the necessity of speed of execution and implementation of strategic programs
  • That cultural and functional differences between members of various teams are not a liability but assets
  • How to motivate staff to perform even better without having more budget or other resources
  • Dealing with assignments broader than their own department
  • How to deal with demotivation of subordinates and colleagues

Some of the effects (and maybe the consequences) of this workshop

  • A better understanding throughout your organization of the necessity to change
  • A possible surfacing of persons with resistance to the necessary change (not only within the participants but also other managers or subordinates),
  • A higher participation of hierarchy in the development of their department
  • Acceleration of all your initiatives
  • A greater acceptance and an improved participation in decisions taken by hierarchy
  • More people pulling the cart than sitting in the cart
  • Participants get the ability to coach their subordinates as well on the right issues on the right time
  • A greater trust between the participants enabling them to exchange and discuss ‘the bigger picture’
  • Strengthen the ties between the various departments instead of making just their own department win
  • A faster implementation of strategic programs like TPM, Lean, etc.
  • Participants will delegate more tasks by increased trust
  • Boost the so needed passion for the organization, the products and the clients
  • A self-amplifying atmosphere of speed of execution

Conditions and some specifics for this program:

  • The program will be clearly in line with the organizations philosophy and values
  • I need more or less ‘carte blanche’ where it comes to my way of facilitating (I use, for example, never PowerPoint slides in a workshop).
  • Before this workshop, I would like to have briefings with all directors concerned.
  • Major reform initiatives like decentralization of your organization would take more than one intervention
  • I don’t stick to a precise time schedule of the program; people need to learn what’s needed and sometimes this needs more sometimes less time.
  • A maximum of 15 participants and a minimum of 8 participants ‘potentials’
  • You are only charged for delivered services i.e. the workshop only and not the preparation time nor travel time costs
  • The workshops are only given in French or English

Are you interested in a further discussion about my approach or you want examples of the content?
or if you want to know the price for a workshop contact lex Lindeman or the partner in your region!

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